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This 23 years Old girl started a Unique business for Book lovers

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Young people start thinking about their career at the age of 22-23, but the 23-year-old  Ritika Shrivastava who lives in Allahabad, started a creative business at a young age and proved that the age of talent I do not like it

Ritika started a website 
www.bookthela.com where second hand books old books are easily available on cheap prices. This site is of great benefit to those who like books.

 Ritika says, I had an interest in reading since childhood, "I used to read hours of books. When we were at the hostel, we used to face the same problem that there was no TV, we used to read books in free time, but the books were  very expensive which was far from the reach of all students.

"Ritika has a library of herself. It has more than 1000 books. 

Papa's help

She says : I was in Graduation Last Semester and was looking for company to do internship. That's when my father, who is himself an author, told me the idea of ​​selling secondhand books online which I liked very much. Ritika further says, from the beginning of my mind, I started thinking that I should start my own work. On this, my father advised me that I can turn my hobby into a career and in 2017 I founded the http://bookthela.com.

My family and friends supported me a Lot. When I told my idea about this, people appreciated very much. This increased my self-confidence.

There are from novels to school books, friction, nonfiction books also available on this website. Besides this, there are some academic books, which can be found on this platform at cheap prices and books which you want to read can be put in the wishlist too.

Success Mantra Ritika told us that in order to become a successful entrepreneur according to me, there should be determination and endurance towards work. It is important to have passion for your work or business. At the same time, you should also have the support of people who appreciate your ideas, boost your morale. 

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